The Fail proof guide to making your home smell amazing

 By Suhair Awaleh

It may be tricky to keep day-to-day odors at bay since things happen all the time; You cook, or maybe you have pets — but everyone wants a clean house that smells great. Knowing how to make your space have a welcoming and relaxing fragrance not only makes it pleasant to come back home, but it can also help to alleviate stress. 

Candles and candle melts are a safe place to start,  and for an optimum effect, try incense candles, which are incense and fragrance infused, a safe way to try incense, especially if you're not used to burning it.

 Incense is a quick way to perfume your home. A single incense stick can last for hours and leaves a mesmerizing smoke trail of splendid aromatics and vibes. Always make sure to look for incense made with natural ingredients. The difference in the smell is staggering. Get yourself an incense holder, so the surface underneath your incense stick doesn’t burn as ashes fall.

Our final and favorite way to make a home smell amazing are the big guns  Uunsi and Bukhoor. The difference between Bukhoor and Uunsi is in the method they’re made. Still, regardless of the difference between them, they both are useful in immediately perfuming your home for up to three days. The perfect way to scent your home if you’re going to receive a guest at short notice. 




Burn your Bukhoor or Uunsi on ash-covered charcoal in a Mabkhara or Dabqaad, not on direct coal, or ideally on an electric incense burner. To heat this incense, any other way would be to ruin the overall experience.

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