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Palo Santo de Maya Soy Wax Tablets

Top: Palo Santo, Gardenia
Heart: Bergamot, Vetiver
Base: Musk, Geranium


Our Palo Santo de Maya Candle is uplifting, fresh, and sophisticated, made with imported Mexican Palo Santo, “holy wood,” essential oil blended with Bergamot and musk. A captivating, and woodsy scent with hints of citrus and gardenia flower. Shamans used Palo Santo to protect, heal, and promote well-being by eliminating"La mala energia" bad energy.

These wax tablets are great for homes with kids and animals, very safe and easy to use. Please put it in a closet or in a drawer to keep clothes, linen, and towels smelling fresh. You can also hang it in the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, or Nursery to maintain them smelling fresh. Another way to use it can be in a wax melter after you break it to pieces.

These wax tablets are a fantastic gift for any occasion. If you're running a party or a wedding, wax sachets can be a great party favor for guests.

Please do not hold the sachet in direct contact with clothes, and keep away from heated sources, do not place it directly under the sun. The wax can become malleable at high temperatures. Especially soy wax has a lower melting temperature.


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