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Hoyo Uunsi Candle Melts 2.6 OZ

Top: Agarwood, Musk 
Heart: Amber, Cashmeran
Base: Saffron, Rose, Oud


Hoyo in Somali means mother, and Uunsi means fragrant incense that is traditionally used to perfume homes after large meals and during special occasions. The highly sought after ancient East African blend was handed down to me from my beautiful Somali mother, and it was handed down to her from her grandmother, in a tradition that goes back to thousands of years. The main ingredients in this rich and ancient aroma are Oud and Musk. The beautiful scent will magically fill your environment with a natural sophistication and mystique you never knew you needed. 

Each candle melt is hand-poured with 100% Non-toxic soy wax Formula,  the most fragrant perfume oils and essential oils sourced from around the world — no phthalates, dyes, or preservatives. Our products help support American farmers, FDA Approved, and Kosher Certified.

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